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Bridgefonden's bronze tournament 2022


Join Bridgefonden’s Tournament at the Festival in Svendborg.
Wednesday, July 13 at 10.00 - 13.30 you and your partner can participate in this exciting tournament, which is an independent part of the Bronze Tournament.
With your participation you support Bridgefonden’s vision to expand bridge among both upcoming and current players. As a bridge player, you know how much fun you have exercising your brain while playing bridge. And being with friends and getting to know new people is always good fun.
Bridgefonden is sponsoring the tournament and there will be prizes for the three best pairs.
To participate in the tournament each participant needs to donate at least 200 DKK to Bridgefonden. If you and your partner have already donated at least 200 DKK each to Bridgefonden this year, you can sign up for the tournament by sending an email to dbf@bridge.dk.
You can still make a donation to Bridgefonden. Visit www.bridgefonden.dk and choose Bidrag. You can donate in the way that best suits you. REMEMBER that the donation is tax deductible, if you remember to enter your social security number.
In order to participate in this tournament, you need to:
  • Donate at least 200 DKK each to Bridgefonden. See how to donate here.
  • Sign up by sending an e-mail to dbf@bridge.dk. The price for participation is 80 DKK per participant (in addition to the donation). You will pay for your participation at the information booth at the Festival. 
You can also sign up for participation on the day of the tournament. You sign up at the information booth, where you will need to document that you have made a donation to Bridgefonden.
We are looking forward to playing lots of great games with our lovely contributors, in the spirit of spreading the game to even more new bridge players.