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Welcome to the website for the Danish Bridge Festival 


The Danish Bridge Festival will take place from 5th - 14th of July 2019


The festival is for all bridge players current and new comers.

We will have a lot of exciting bridge related events to offer you during these 2 weeks in the summer period:

  • Drop-in tournaments every day
  • Danish Championship Finals
  • Introduction to bridge
  • A variety of courses
  • and a whole lot more

Everyone can participate in the drop-in tournaments. There is no need to pre-register! All you need is to show up and purchase your ticket in the information booth, find your seat at the table – and you are in. We play in seeded rows in all bronze tournaments, but we will guide you, so you are seated correctly. If you don’t have a partner to play with already – please arrive to the information booth approximately 30 minutes before the tournament begins, so we will have time to match you with at partner.

All bronze and silver tournaments are drop-in tournaments, so you will have plenty of opportunities to play some cards.



See the full programme for the Danish Bridgefestival here



Svendborg Idrætscenter
Ryttervej 70
DK - 5700 Svendborg

Svendborg Idrætscenter consists of an older indoor sports arena and a new and more modern SG-house (not to be mixed-up with the old SG arena, which is located closer to the city center). Svendborg Idrætscenter is located about 2 kilometers from the city centre. There are excellent parking facilities. See map. If you are arriving with train you can get of at the station Svendborg Vest, which is within walking distance from Svendborg Idrætscenter. 

If you don’t have the time to go to the city centre during the breaks, food can be purchased in the café. 



In order to give everyone a fair chance of winning prizes the tournament is played in handicap seeded rows. 

Free registration to the A-row - updated 13th of march 

This year you can register directly to play in the A-row.

Free registration means that the following teams will be playing in the A-row:

  • The 14 strongest teams, based on the teams’ average handicap, no matter if these teams have registered directly to the A-row or not
  • All teams, who have registered directly to the A-row
  • The strongest team left in the Open row, if this team is needed to create an even number of teams in the A-row

The following rows will consist of approx. 30 teams. 

VINOBLE Open is a team tournament at club level (maximum 6 players per team).


Registration deadline for VINOBLE Open

The 5th of July at 6pm will be your last chance to register your team for VINOBLE Open. Register here (here you can also find the registration to the A-row)

If you have any problems with your registration, please contact us by writing to dbf@bridge.dk or call us. Our number is 0045 4847 5213 



As a participant you will need to arrange your own accommodation during your stay in Svendborg. But we have negotiated some good deals for you. You can find a list of places to stay here

Remember to inform that your stay is in assocation with the Danish Bridge Festival. Otherwise you will not get the discount.


Things to see in Svendborg

There is a lot to see and enjoy while in Svendborg besides the famous Bridge Festival. The entire southern part of Funen and the small idyllic islands close by also has a lot to offer.
You can explore and get inspired on visitsvendborg.dk 

We hope you will enjoy your stay.


Contact information 

The Danish Bridge Federation is in charge of this yearly festival. If you have any questions regarding the festival you are welcome to contact us:


E: dbf@bridge.dk
T: 4847 5213 

Our phones are open weekdays between 9.30 - 14.30.

Queries regarding press related issues should be directed to our CEO Charlotte Fuglsang on 4847 5213.

Contact – during the festival

During the festival you can find us at the information booth in Svendborg Idrætscenter at Ryttervej 70 in Svendborg, ready to handle your queries.

If you need to get in contact with us during the festival, you can call us on our festival hotline 9189 5213.